12th annual saugerties artists studio tour

12th annual saugerties artists studio tour
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The artists on the 2014 Tour(in alphabetical order):
Isaac Abrams, Noelle Auriemma, Anita Barbour, Loel Barr, Ana Bergen, Kristy Bishop, Barbara Bravo, Michael Ciccone, Erika deVries, Tamara DiMattio, Richard Edelman, Ruth Edwy, Steve Frederick & Cherie Jemsek, Robert George, Mikhail Horowitz, Marsha Kaufman-Rubinstein, Polly M. Law, Yvette Lewis, Ulf Loven, Brian Lynch, Hugh Morris, Christopher Nealon, Ze'ev Willy Neumann, Gus Pedersen, Joan Max Reinmuth, Tad Richards, Jeffery Schiller, Istar Schwager, Prue See, Viorica Stan, Raymond J. Steiner, Fay Wood, Carol Zaloom.

Michael Nelson produced a fabulous video for the 2013 Tour:

On YouTube

Please like our FaceBook page to get the latest updates and notices of events posted by member artists.

If you are an artist living in Saugerties township or village and would like to be considered for participation in the 2014 Tour, please download these informative and enlightening pdfs. Thanks.

Remember Tour Artists are ready to welcome you into their studios for a visit throughout the year. Please contact them through their website links on the Artists pages

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